Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The big market in my neighborhood

After eight years of going to the same little family-owned veggie stall in my alleyway, one day it closed down. I was shocked! How could the family just disappear without saying goodbye? I couldn't believe it. I had to go in search of a new market. The other markets are further away, so it is not very convenient to get there. Instead of taking five or six steps from my e-bike to the veggies, I have to park, lock my bike, walk into a building, and make a real effort. But I found a really nice, pretty woman who always smiles at me and welcomes me, so I go to her section to buy veggies. That's her pictured above. 
There are many vendors in the building selling veggies, fruit, and meat.
I'm not much of a fruit eater, but the fruit looks nice.
Here is the entrance to the market building. The floor is often wet and muddy inside.
The market building is near a main road. I park my e-bike on the sidewalk like everyone else.
Another view of the market building.

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