I am a green-eyed blonde raised -- along with my two older brothers -- in the deserts of west Texas by a sulphur-mining engineer and a homemaker. I had a wonderful upbringing ... a fabulous life!

When I was in the 4th grade, I made a decision that would influence all future decisions; I made an unwavering commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Best decision I ever made.

Life took me to different parts of Texas before sending me to Tasmania, Australia, for two years and then to Colorado for five. But in 1995 I headed off for the Far East on the adventure of a lifetime.

After a year in Hong Kong, I moved into unknown territory in northern China. I lived in a city of 10 million people. Only three of the 10 million were foreign; only I was both foreign and female. It was like Little House on the Prairie meets the Cultural Revolution in those early days.

All these years later, I am still captivated by the country, its people, and its canines.

This blog is a little of this and a little of that. This is my life, tinted by the lens of the Middle Kingdom where I live. I hope you'll read, enjoy and comment.

Because of censorship and privacy issues needed to keep everyone happy in this country, I have decided not to use my full name or exact location for the time being, but you can call me E.

Pull up a chair and stay a while. So glad to have you here on my blog!


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Fran said...

We miss you and talk about you every day to Father. Hope you are feeling much better now and things are going well. We are enjoying picking our blackberries and blueberries in our backyard though it is pretty hot now! The birds compete with us to see who can pick the most (ha, ha). We have already picked 25 pints of blackberries and 20 pints of blueberries. We only had one fig on our new bush but hope for more next year. Fred just came back from a wonderful trip to the HL. The ladies group send their love and regards.