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All the photos of me harbored on my computer are finding their way to my blog. People (especially people like my parents who really care) can't see them on my computer, so I'm making an effort to get them up on my blog! The photos are not listed in chronological order since that would take up too much precious time. Enjoy!
This is my 5th grade school picture, taken when I was a student at South Pecos Elementary School in Pecos, Texas, during the 1970-71 school year. Of all my school photos, this is by far my favorite. My mom made my pantsuit. I love the yarn in my hair too!
 This was probably taken in late 1960 or 1961. I'm with my older brothers Curtis and James.
 This picture was taken about ten years later, at Christmas time in Pecos, Texas.
 This photo was probably taken at my grandmother's home in Roseberg, Texas.
This photo was taken circa 1974. I was a freshman in high school and my older brother Curtis, also pictured, was a senior. We drove this car, previously owned by Mr. Roy Carley, to school. It was quite the car. All three of us kids were in the Pecos High School marching band.
This photo was taken in May 1978, when I graduated from high school. The patch on my collar was for National Honor Society. I narrowly squeezed by the other contenders and was named valedictorian, so I had to give a speech at my high school graduation. I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut courtesy of Woody the barber in town. Those were the good old days. 
This photo was taken in the gardens of Mei Foo in Hong Kong on March 22, 1996. My language teacher Alice took this photo. I bought these clothes at the Fa Yun Gai Flower Market Road clothing market. I bought the backpack at another market in the New Territories. When I bought the backpack, I thought it had the word "GAP" embroidered on it. Turns out it said "CAP." So I got out some thread and changed the C to a G and all was well. (My other alternative was to embroider an "r" in the midst of the word, but I don't talk like that.) That was an awesome backpack. I lived in Mei Foo from October 1995 to October 1996.
I was a twirler in both junior high and high school! I loved twirling, and I still have my baton. That's me on the front row, right side. We had awesome, classy uniforms. This was taken in 1974, my 8th grade year, when I was a student at West Pecos Junior High School in Pecos, Texas. The other twirlers were, back row: Elizabeth Guerrero, Leslie Cassell, Jana Tudor; front row: Rachel Billeiter, Kay Painter, and me.
This was taken in approximately June 1995, after I had left my job in Colorado and was about to move to Hong Kong. My parents and I were visiting my brother James and his family in Great Falls, Montana. His daughters Valerie and Hillary were (and still are) delightful girls. I love this picture of the three of us. Their brother Nathan hadn't been born yet when this photo was taken.
What a beautiful family, if I do say so myself! My dapper dad, my elegant mom, my matching brothers, and me looking all prim and proper, sitting on that orange couch that looks super cool, a real throwback to the 60s. This was taken in the early 1960s. I remember that blue dress, and I even had blue eyes to match it at the time (they changed to green by the time I turned ten, and they stayed green).
Our family sits on the grass for this early 1960s family photo. My parents looks so young and stylish!
This photo was taken on November 14, 2014 at the Cargo Terminal of DFW Airport in Dallas, Texas, when I was reunited with my Pekingese dog Mimi. I had come to the U.S. on September 10th to deal with my cancer diagnosis, and Mimi followed two months later. How wonderful to be reunited with this love bug! We were both very happy. My sister-in-law Laura drove me to Dallas for the reunion, and she took this photo of us.
Back to the 1960s: I am pictured with my Grandmother Evie Adeline Wilson who is holding me. Next to me are my brothers Curtis and James. Behind us are our first cousins on my dad's side of the family: Robert Yeager, Richard Yeager holding our cousin Wanda Sue Wilson, and Russell Yeager.  This picture must have been taken in 1962 or 1963. Richard got married on September 4, 1965. The rest of his family, including my Aunt LaRea (my dad's sister), Uncle Charlie, Robert, and Russell, died at the hands of a drunk driver on December 14, 1965. I remember that night well, as my parents threw clothes in the back of our station wagon, drove from Alvin to Rosenberg, and got confirmation of the bad news in the driveway of Polly Ryan Memorial Hospital in Richmond. I was not quite six years old when it happened. I have memories of my aunt and her family, but I wish I could have known them more and had more memories. I think they were an awesome family. We are thankful to have Richard and his wife Eddie Marie in our lives still. Richard is only ten years younger than my dad.
My Aunt Frances and my Aunt LaRea serve cake to my cousin Wanda, my brothers Curtis and James, and me. Frances was married to R.E., my dad's brother. LaRea was my dad's sister. This was in the early 1960s.
My dad and I had our photo taken in their backyard in Whitehouse, Texas, in December 2013. I was 54 and he was 80.
 The caped crusader on the left is me. I'm not sure who else is on the sofa with me.
This photo was taken in late December 2013, when I was home on vacation from the Middle Kingdom. We're at the home of my brother James, in Whitehouse. The woman in the middle is my childhood friend, Kim Dingler Doan. I've known her since 5th grade, and we went to church together at the First Baptist Church in Pecos.
My mom and I pose for this photo in their backyard in Whitehouse, Texas. She looks good in red, I look good in pink, so we are a bright combo when we stand next to each other!
This photo was taken in my apartment in the Middle Kingdom during September 2014. My little friends Angela, and Lucas Bai, came with their parents to tell me goodbye when I had to leave suddenly due to my cancer diagnosis. Oh how I miss these kids and their parents, and pray that God will let me see them again soon!
This photo was taken in Hong Kong in June 2014. I was at a shopping center at the top of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, and thought the mauve colored wall would make a good backdrop for a photo. My mom says this is one her favorite photos of me. I had little idea at the time that I would be back in Hong Kong less than three months later for a biopsy on my neck that indicated I had cancer.
When we lived in Alvin, Texas, in the Oak Bend subdivision, this was our life. James has my Chatty Cathy doll on a rope and is dragging her through the living room. My dad reads the newspaper. Aw, those were the days. 
This is how my hair looked in the fall of 2014. I was in my bedroom at my parents' house in Whitehouse, about to start chemo, and decided to take a shot of my hair for a "before" picture. It will take years for my hair to get that long again. The right side of my neck is shown in this photo. It's the part of my neck that had cancer. It looks so normal. It's a wonder I ever found a lump on it.
My college friend Wanda English Adams and I visit outside a Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Tyler, Texas, in the fall of 2014. 

Check back sometime, because if I find and add other photos, they will be added way down here at the bottom! 

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